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In the meantime...

Click here to see photos from the bridal shower on March 4, 2023(!)

There were a bunch of pictures that were taken that I never ended up receiving. If you have them, please send them to me!

Click here to see the professional wedding video and photos!

The first 200 or so are bridal suite photos, and if you weren't immediate family or in the bridal/groomal party, you'll probably have to scroll down to photo #600+ to see yourself. (There are a few ceremony audience photo at around 430.) I am sorry, you are all lovely and I wish the photographer took more pictures of you!

Note: If you are on a computer, you should have no trouble seeing the photos on the web browser. If you are on mobile, you will have a better time seeing the photos if you download the Dropbox app.

Click here to see photos from our honeymoon in Hawaii!

The floor was lava.

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